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A fab Copenhagen home revisited

On Friday I showed some beautiful images from the Copenhagen home and showroom of Karen Maj Kornum of Another Ballroom (remember that trompe l'oeil?!). And then yesterday I was so excited to discover a few more pics of the  lovely danish space and had to share them with you! I love her eclectic style, the mid-century touches, the lovely rugs and gallery walls. Let's take a peek at a few more corners...

Photos courtesy of Another Ballroom with kind permission.

*sigh* what a fab space, don't you think?

I love to see books in the home, don't you? I'm constantly looking for new ways to store mine (currently, they're on shelves made by my husband in our bedroom) - I like the way they've showcased the books on low wall mounted shelving and then created a gallery wall above in this space. More book inspiration here.

Many of the items you see including the art, ceramics, and  rugs are from Another Ballroom. Pick up cool mid-century piees at Lauritz or Etsy.

I'm so excited to introduce Modo Living, retailer of Skargaarden, iconic Swedish furniture.  I've had my eye on a H55 Outdoor Lounger (so fab!) and Haverdal throw blanket for my little back garden. Modo Living ships to the USA and Canada.

Have a lovely day! 


  1. This is really beautiful place. I wish to had sooo big flat once, with high ceilings, white walls and big windows, wooden floors and tiles in kitchen and bathroom...oh..stop dreaming Michael =)

    Have a beautiful day,

  2. Love scandinavian type style with raw woods, not sure if it will ever go out of fashion?! I hope ti doesn't! Great post.

  3. yep, I definitely wouldn't complain if I had to move into that home!

  4. Your house looks fabulous. Such a beautiful pictures you've taken of your house.
    Hermosa Beach


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