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A charming and relaxed Biarritz home

I was thinking about how I'm torn between different styles: a relaxed graphical look with touches of colour (like in this beautiful Finnish family home) or a more vintage/industrial-inspired boho space. Do you feel the same? But, then I realised that it's the blend of styles in a home which makes it unique. This lovely, relaxed space in Biarritz is evidence of this. The family have blended industrial, vintage, bohemian and contemporary pieces and the home oozes personality and charm. Think polished concrete combined with warm rattan, cute kids corners, and large, open light-filled rooms. You may have seen this home before but when it's this fabulous there's always more inspiration to be found!

Photography: Julien Fernandez - shared with kind permission

Oooo, I love this space. How about you?

For similar rattan furniture try these rattan pendant lights, peacock bed headboard (love this!) and round rug.

Julien was also the shutterbug behind Elodie's Bordeaux townhouse - another cool home with oodles of personality!

More wonderful international homes to be found in this archive (scroll passed the first home as it will be this one).

Since this home makes me dream of warmer climes (it's decidedly autumnal here in Sweden), I'm imaging myself floating in one of these swimming pools today - heaven!

Have a lovely day!


  1. I definitely need to redecorate! Thanks for the push! WINK!

  2. This is just beautiful. So well done.

  3. Thornless cactii? Hmmm...

  4. Argh, this house is just sickeningly perfect!

  5. Any chance you know where to find that hanging kitchen cabinet?


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