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How do you bring the outside into your home?

Hello! I hope you're having a great start to the week? At the weekends we always try to escape for a day. Whether that's a walk along a beach, hiking in the forest or simply getting away from it all. How about you? When it comes to the home, I love to see the surrounding nature reflected within. This styling by norwegian duo Kirsten Visdal and Lisbeth Nilsson for Interior Magasinet is a great example.  Sheepskin throws, logs for the fire, a branch from a tree and cushions bearing cute sheep faces come together to create a calm and cosy space close to nature, nordic style. How do you bring the outside in?

 Interior Magasinet. Photos: Sveinung Bråthen, Styling Kirsten Visdal & Lisbeth Nilsson via Style Files
 I really do love the nordic colour scheme, there's something so calm about it, don't you think?

A few items I know and love - Dining area:  HAY loop dining table, Panton chair, Aksel Hansson chair. PH pendant lamp. Sitting room: Silence rug by Permafrost, coffee table by Norrgavel, slippers from Illums Bolighus, source beautiful sheepskins here, the fireplace is by Scan.

 PS When I lived in London the double-decker buses used to roar passed my flat and make the windows rattle - My Swedish boyfriend (now husband) found it really disconcerting but I found it strangely comforting. I guess that's another way of bringing the outside in?!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Pięknie. Lubię skandynawskie klimaty. Grey is my favorite colour. Pozdrawiam. Alicja

    1. Grey is a great colour, I have lots of it in my home. /Niki

  2. Yay, and here it is! I didn't find sheepskin under the Christmas tree =(..nevermind, I will have buy it on my own =D.
    I like the deer print on the closet =)
    Have a nice afternoon, Niki,
    Michael / facebook

    1. Oh no! I don't believe it. Next Christmas perhaps?! I've got a secret list of things to buy myself this year which didn't appear under my tree either....;) Happy new year! /Niki

  3. Hi Niki,

    The rug is just so cute. And thank you for sharing the lovely 2015 calendar.
    Take care!

    1. Hi Mette - happy new year! I LOVE the rug - especially the name 'silence' - ah :) let's catch up soon, it would be lovely to see you x

  4. Love the hides, I asked for a reindeer fur for my birthday in December, and a lovely present from my husband it was!
    Gaby xx

  5. I love those pictures and especially the rug with 'footprints'!

  6. Wonderful pictures! There sure is something calming about interiors with a bit of "untamed" nature in them...I guess it is in our genes, to feel soothed by natural elements


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