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A dreamy little space to call home

One of my dreams is to have a a work studio in my (future) garden which doubles as a pretty guest house for friends and family. Do you share a similar dream?  Then I came across this shed conversion on Design Sponge and my idea was immediately brought to life! Over the space of two months designer, stylist and artist Paige Morse converted a shed in her back garden into a stunning Scandinavian inspired black and white retreat. Her goal was to create a space from which she can work, She was so thrilled with the outcome she now actually lives in the 'Casita' and rents out her house to afford the lifestyle she so desires: to work on her creatives full time. What an inspiration?!

Photos Cody Ulrich. Paige Morse. Via Design Sponge with thanks. 

Be still my beating heart!

This really is the casita of my dreams! The only thing I would add is a turf roof as seen on this and this home. How about you? Could you see yourself working / living here?

You can see the full before and after shots over at Design Sponge and read more about Paige's work here.

Other fantastic, unusual and alternative garden shed conversions here and here.

Have a lovely day!


Mihaela said...

I am also dreaming of a home studio and this structure is really inspiring.

Michael said...

This is beautiful. Exactly how I imagine house for weekends and holidays..

Elisabeth said...

I absolutely love it! Would love to have a small house like this in my garden.

Abigail Hoppen said...

I love this! I am actually working on rehab ing a small cottage in pentwater michigan that is very similar to this. I have pics on my blog (search the penthouse) i love the inspiration from this!

Berenice Big said...

Cool home, I like it !

Melinda Ruge said...

Very cute. I love all the pops of colour but not too much colour for the little space. I personally dislike that toilet. It is too big.

Nicola said...

Love this! Always nice reading posts like this that are really inspiring!

uban said...

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Lauren said...

This is a dream of mine too! I'd love a space like this, and she's done it perfectly, no question. Oh how lovely. Well, a girl can dream, can't she?


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