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A Malmö home with a touch of brass

I do love to come across homes from here in Southern Sweden. This one is currently for sale through Bo-laget (come and join the Malmö massive!). Decorated in monochrome tones the apartment is a real case of spot the designer piece....with a few real favourites of mine too!

Bo-laget via 79 ideas

I spy the Eames DSR chairs in black (15% off with MYSCAN), Wishbone chair, Tom Dixon bronze copper Shade light, Knoll diamond armchair (both on sale! :)

The apartment itself has beautiful bones, and although I live in a house I often dream about moving into one of the beautiful old apartments inthe centre of town (is the grass always greener?!).

Other beautiful homes from Bo-laget here, here and here. Which one is your favourite?

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Ada said...

I really like it. Greetings :)

heather caroline said...

I have been drooling over that living room- stunning!

Histamin and other food stories said...

wow...really love the last picture..!

Anonymous said...

Most of the design pieces are american mid century classic and not scandinavians.
The only too i could spot were the wishbone chair and the ikea desk.

Anonymous said...

Eames are indeed Americans (chairs), Bertoia Italian-American (Diamond chair), Dixon is English (hanging lamp) Tolix is a French brand (kitchen stools), Le Corbusier is Swiss (sofa) and none of them can actually be refered as scandinavians even in esthetics.
Well i don't know for candleholders , vases and others decorative items...but i don't think you were refering to that or ?!

Julie said...

Hello! I just discovered your blog and I'm absolutely in love with everything on here. Going to spend a cold Canadian weekend going through all the back pages :)

Elise said...

love this!

Gracie said...

This is inspiration for my house. I love this!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous! and I LOVE the gold and fur accents!

My Scandinavian Home said...

Hello, you're absolutely right. Thank you for taking the time to write with such detail about all the furniture. I have since updated the post. Next time it would be wonderful if you could leave your name so I can credit you! /Niki

My Scandinavian Home said...

Thank you Julie! I hope my blog warms up your weekend just a little over there in Canada! /Niki

Emma Wischusen said...

It's Very Tremendous Blog...!!!

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