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The fantastic home of a creative Finnish duo

Just hearing a home is owned by Finnish interior architect Joanna Laajisto and photographer Mikko Ryhanen I already know the space is going to be pretty fantastic. And that's exactly what this apartment is. Located in Helsinki and decorated in mainly white, black and grey, this family home marries vintage finds with scandinavian contemporary pieces.

Photography: Mikko Ryhanen with kind permission. Interior designer Joanna Laasjisto via Emma's Design Blog

So fab don't you think?

I spy: Thonet 209 chair (15% off with MYSCAN),  Louis Poulsen AJ table lamp, Knoll Platner Coffee table  and the Knoll Bertoia dining chairs.

You can see Joanna's wonderful previous apartment here.

Looking for more Finnish inspiration? There's lots and lots of beautiful Finnish home inspiration here!

Have a lovely day!

PS We're in transit in Singapore airport - there's a play area for children with free wifi. It's the simple things in life.... :)


Myyna said...

Pretty fantastic, as usually! :)

Katarzyna Sobańska-Jóźwiak said...

I love marble in the kitchen. It looks really great!
Have a lovely time in Thailand!

Dagný Björg | Feel Inspired Blog said...

Lovely apartment!

LittleHomeInspiration said...

Really nice place, I like the calm, relaxed atmosphere,
Thailand so great ! - have a wonderful trip,

Indie by heart said...

Such an inviting home. You wouldn't think of that to pop in to mind when said "black, white, grey" but this is just adorable :) And since I'm Finnish even better xx

Indie by heart

Beautifulosophy said...

Looks like a very serene and neautral based home, very Scandinavian! Hope you're enjoyimg your vacay, here is more snow than ever...xo Caroline

Irene @ Fuiviagens said...

Love the white interior, it's so spacious, inviting and very peaceful. Nice to see that Finland and Sweden inspired the architects in such a way.

dmLights said...

Love the simple color scheme of this interior. As they say: less is more!

Vesna from Montenegro said...

very beautiful home

Anonymous said...

does anyone know who made the cabinets?


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