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Cosy sitting room the Norwegian way

There's a distinctive chill in the air here in Southern Sweden (how about where you are?) and I've noticed people are starting to get out their cosy knits BRRRRR! When I feel a nip in the air it always makes me romanticise about long walks in the snow followed by a steaming cup of hot chocolate (with a touch of rum) while thawing feet by the fire. This sitting room from the home of Norwegian blogger and photographer Elisabeth Heier is a firm favourite - just look at that wood burning stove and log storage! 

Elisabeth Heier with kind permission

I love the hall way too - I think that's a House Doctor rug - beautiful! 

I'm a big fan of Elisabeth's styling and photography (as you well know!) and have posted on her home before here and here. So beautiful!

If you're on the look out for wood burning stoves as I am check out these homes....

PS I loved the discussion on Facebook yesterday on 'all white homes' so many different opinions! 

Have a lovely, cosy day!


  1. I love the 'cosy knits' I got some out too;-) Here we have only lots and lots of rain, so I'm longing for snow and ice and hot chocolate just like you said!

  2. The entryway bench is pretty perfect, I'm loving the whole vibe. Lots of white! But I can't help but spot that half inch of unpainted wall along the floor, haha. It's definitely getting colder here too, but probably not as cold as Sweden :) xo

    1. I hadn't spotted that before - must be to do with the fireplace / wood? Erin, seriously I remember when I lived in Philadelphia and my eyebrows froze on my way to the college campus, so if it's not there yet.... :)

    2. The unpainted line along the floor is because we are not finished the renovation of the house yet - but I´m taking pictures anyway ; ) There will be mouldings there - soon I hope!

    3. If I waited to finish my home there would never be any pictures to show and I have lived in my house over 5 years! :) thank you for allowing me to share images of your beautiful sitting room today!

  3. Hi, Elisabeth's styling is so beautiful and images are so nice :)

  4. is this a real wood fireplace or gaS?
    thanks :) love it


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