my scandinavian home: A Dutch artist's atelier and home

A Dutch artist's atelier and home

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

From stormy Southern Sweden to a calm oasis in Laren, Holland. This artists atelier was built in 1913 and  has been converted into a beautiful apartment by owners Pam and artist André Wiegel (much of whose work you can see on the wall today). The large windows and North facing facade create the perfect light to work in. The dark wood floors and white walls are complimented by warm Turkish textiles and wooden furniture, books and vignettes. Such a lovely, homely space.

Styling Frans Uyterlinde. Photography: James Stokes with kind permission. VT Wonen 2012

I could live and work here, could you?

The rug in this home is so beautiful I can't help think a long weekend in Istanbul is on the cards...

Other beautiful items? The dining chairs are awesome. The Tom Dixon pendant light always a favourite. I also like the touch of linen in the bathroom. How about you?

See other beautiful ateliers here.

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Have a lovely day!


  1. adoring the loft stairs and book stack...
    Bec x

  2. I love the house. recently published that ... your blog is great!
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  3. Love this place, I think it is one of my favourites featured!

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  6. Lovely interior, especially the Tom Dixon lights.

  7. The blog is good enough, keep up writing such type of posts.Cassy

  8. Nice! Where are the brown leather chairs from ? :-)


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