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Minimalism in a former piano factory

Set in a former piano factory built in 1917, this Stockholm loft has a ceiling height of up to 4.5 metres, floor to ceiling windows and an open plan design   - what a wonderful feeling of space! I particularly love the upstairs area with the bedroom and desk, very serene.

Fantastic Frank

Admittedly it's a little to minimalist for my taste but that doesn't mean I can't admire the tranquility of clean living :) What about you - where are you on the scale of minimalist and, I want to say 'maxamilist', but is that even a word? You get the idea though right?!

PS Tip of the day - have you heard of Designer Box? This cool company has come up with a concept to promote new design stars. You pay a small monthly fee and each month an international designer creates a beautiful, unique object which is placed in a box and sent to you in the post. It could be anything from a vase, mirror, or candle holder....I was lucky enough to receive Box No.3 yesterday as a gift and not only was the box itself beautiful. but the porcelain object inside, designed  by Aldo Bakker was simply stunning! What a great initiative! Thank you Designer Box :)

PPS - Just done a little research and the chairs in the kitchen are the Magis Chair One and the stool is the &Tradition Raft Stool....


  1. Totally in love!!

    Greetzzz, Els

  2. I love this space and especially those chairs from the first picture! Do you know where they are from?

    1. I've just found the chairs at Nest - they are the Magis Chair One:

    2. Thank you so much for the answer! :)

  3. Yo tb me quedado enamorada de este interior.

  4. I am in love with the futon bed. Every detail is just gorgeous!
    have a nice day!

  5. Hi, This is absolutely cool apartment, I love big places and this apartment is .....WOW,
    the kitchen with living room are wonderful and the chairs are....STUNNING :)
    Niki, I am not minimalist and not "maxamilist" something between :)

  6. I'd so love to do Designer Box, but no US yet :(

    This space is a little minimal to for me. I'm trying to find the happy medium in my place.

  7. (on a serious note) A minimalist home can be great sometimes to de-clutter life issues. Love the rocking chair and how its placed above two '+' rugs!!!

  8. I do not know if you have shown a place that I did not want to live in...but not until I am free of much "stuff".

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