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A monochrome Melbourne home

Today's home has a very different look from yesterday's Stockholm apartment, even though they are both decorated in monochrome. This double fronted weatherboard cottage in Melbourne was seamlessly adapted by Techne Architects. I love the way the light falls in the house and the way wood is used to soften the black and white interior.

Techne Architects. Photography: Thomas Blachford with kind permission via Dust Jacket
Pretty cool right? I love the book shelves (and of course the 'Hungry Caterpillar' book in the fireplace - did you read this as a child?).

Which monochrome home is more your style - today's or yesterdays? Or perhaps this Finnish one or this Danish one?! So many different ways to do black and white!


  1. Completely love this colour scheme, it's a winner

  2. I love this one, the woods really warm up the palette. It also has me itching to get painting the dark grey wall I have planned.

  3. I love the books in this one, but the Danish one is my favorite. Maybe it is because my parents are Danish - it is in the blood!

  4. Such a great place again !! Thank you !!

  5. I just adore the stylish shelving configurations you've got for your books. With all the books I read I sure need one, haha! You have a beautiful home, thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Love the bright white look of the house. Black and white is definitely a bold decision that can go wrong a million ways, but the colorful accents and those beautiful wood guest chairs in the kitchen pull it off nicely. Wonderful job!

  7. I love the simplicity and futuristic appearance of your design, Thumbs up!

  8. what colour is on the wall with the photos...dark grey but actual paint colour?


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