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A Danish oasis in Cannes

Looking at this home you'd never guess it was outside Scandinavia until you see the beautiful of Cannes from the balcony! That's because adventurous and inspiring Danish couple, Julie and Nicolai upped sticks and made a new start in the South East French city where they own the very cool shop Style Junky. They were determined to keep the look of their apartment Danish and certainly succeeded. It's stunning don't you think?

Styling: Katrine Matensen-Larsen, Photography Mikkel Adsbol.  With kind permission. Spotted first at Coco Lapine with thanks. 

How about throwing open those balcony doors and enjoying a coffee overlooking that view every morning? Bliss?

Yesterday I made a couple of small changes to my blog after one lovely Canadian reader sent me a mail to say they couldn't find a share button. So now I've made it super easy to find at the bottom right of each post, and hopefully it shows every share option known to man! And secondly if you hover over any of the images a 'pin it' button will appear to make pinning easy.

I hope this helps! I'm always grateful for any input / feedback so please do leave a comment or send me a mail if you have any suggestions!

PS Looking for more Danish home tour inspiration? Don't miss the fab ones here and here!



  1. I LOVE this post. I adore the color beds company UK

  2. This home is fantastic, each room has lovely danish design, I love the floor on the hallway and I take this house of course with beauty of Cannes behind the window :)

  3. Black leather.. timeless.. ;)

    Hugs, Maren

  4. I like the space and harmony in this house!


  5. Loving the new pin-it function, as I always want to pin everything you post! Can't believe this apartment is in France! That balcony might be my favorite part of all. xo

  6. I just love all the antlers on the walls and the olive tree. The view from the balcony is so surprising: a street in a random capitol would have been just as possible!

  7. Thanks to all of you - we are moving // so if you know somebody who would love a apparment like this in Cannes - Penthouse - lift - 80 m2 there are very welcome to contact me ....


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