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The Row house. And the creative power of boredom.

Newly built mid-century cool housing is not something you would usually pair with 'affordable' but that is exactly what this housing project 'Row on 25th' in Houston, Texas set out to achieve. Investor and landowner Holden Shannon's own home was decorated with the help of designer Barbara Hill. I love the choice of vintage mid-century furniture starting with that fab turquoise sofa, very cool.

Photographer: Jack Thompson, Dwell via Scandinavian Retreat
For more pictures and info check out this article by Dwell.

Yesterday I was at 'The Conference: Power, Disruption & Lies' in Malmö, Sweden. There were many inspiring seminars but one in particular stood out: 'Being bored but not being boring'. It was about people spending to much time looking at screens and not enough time being bored. The experts say we should switch off and just 'be' to get creative ideas. Like wise with children; being bored sparks their imagination.  As a result we're planning a little 'switching off time' each evening from now on...starting with me...the blogger and Pinterest addict (oh and I haven't told the girls yet!)....

Do you spend to much time on the screen and not enough time being bored?


DoYouFancyThis said...

That is so true! I wish I could have gone to The Conference, it's great that you can watch the seminars on the web (and afterwards I will take a break being bored, ha!)

| Harmony and design | said...

Yo tb soy adicta al pinterest pero intento desconectar bastante.
La vivienda una maravilla.

Albertine Grolmusova said...

...the furniture is GORGEOUS... Love it :)


xoamys said...

My blog “xoamys” has just been nominated for a Liebster Award.
This recognises bloggers for their work but the catch is… they MUST have less than 200 followers.
I came across your blog and really enjoyed what I’ve seen and read.
I’d like to nominate you for one!
Head over to my blog to see what to do next :)

xo amys.

My Scandinavian Home said...

Thank you so much! Unfortunately I'm unable to accept the award as I have over 200 followers but I've just been over to your blog and feel your award is truly well deserved, your photos are beautiful! Congratulations! I'm a follower from now on.

Melinda Ruge said...

I just love those out door chairs. They are art as well as a chair! Yes I too could get addicted to blogs but I try to limit myself to reading only one blog (this one because I love Scandinavian designs, prints and simplicity ) and I do not own a TV.

Alvin Ronald said...

Wow!! What a beautiful and luxury home.Kitchen and outdoor chairs are awesome. Property values Toronto.

Igor Josifovic said...

What a fab home with all the design classics!! Swoon!! Happy Friday!!

Yolande Leake said...

The precision of the design here is just inspired. Truly remarkable stuff, and kept really compact and exact. Would only have been planned out with the some of the best possible means available.

Jacob Jac said...

What a fab and beautiful home. I really like this. College park condos.

Chollet Mona said...

What a wonderful design, thank you so much for this post!
Do you know the name of the chairs on the fifth picture? They are just perfects!!


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