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My dream cottage would never be without......

Hi, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend?  Admittedly I spent some of Sunday thinking about how I could go about acquiring a Swedish cottage in the woods! I realised I've nailed two things about this future cottage and how I would renovate it. 1. it will be mostly white inside and 2. it will have a wood burning stove.  Here's my inspiration.

1. Line T Klein. 2. Saaan Olli 3. Johanna Pilfalk 4. Via 

(If you fancy a little more Fireplace inspiration you can always check out my fireplace board on Pinterest).

Yesterday I was eyeing up this Skånegård house near Simrishamn - ooooo how I'd love to put my personal stamp on a home like this...and what about that stunning garden?! Or perhaps you'd prefer a Swedish cottage on it's own private island like this one? I definitely wouldn't say no!

PS On Saturday it was so great to finally meet Peggy of children's design and lifestyle blog Paul & Paula and her fabulous family (as you can imagine, they were wearing the coolest children's clothes, ever!), welcome to Sweden!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Now you've got me daydreaming about my own little swedish cottage. I especially love the cottage on its own private island and those lovely fireplaces. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I saw that you posted these pictures on Pinterest and every single one of them is just perfect! I would much rather have an old used stove than a new chich one, I think! /Hanna

  3. Awesome. I think the use of white will be interesting when juxtaposed with the wood.


  4. I also have my favorite fireplace that looks similar on this and that I usually check out on a shop. I really wish to have it soon...

  5. The last image is the fireplace that my husband ever wanted.


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