my scandinavian home: Finnish home with vintage finds

Finnish home with vintage finds

Saturday, 13 July 2013

I promised to blog yesterday but we were on Anholt, a tiny, very beautiful Danish island with no internet access. So here is a rare weekend post from me to say hello and share a few pictures from the oh so beautiful and cool home of Finnish textile couple Sanna ja Olli.

Saana Ja Olli for Deko Magazine via Scandinavian Deko

The peek into their kitchen gives a sense of a relaxed, cosy home full of vintage finds.

The wooden cups next to the oven remind me of a dog sledding trip I once did in Lapland. After a few hours of silently racing over frozen lakes and fields we stopped to rest the dogs and our guide made us hot chocolate over a fire which he served in cups like these. So memorable! Have you ever been dog sledding?

For a complete house tour check out the latest copy of Deko Magazine.

Have a lovely weekend and see you Monday!


  1. They've even made fire wood look good.

  2. I saw the first picutre on Pinterest last week and I repind it because I like the wood between the wites ! It looks very cosy.
    xo Lieke

  3. Love the kitchen with the wood :) Original

  4. Cozy place,
    with lovely details :)

    Hugs, Maren

  5. Very beautiful... really looks cozy and I adored the vintage finds! Wishes of a lovely week!


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