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Styling at it's best

If I was lucky enough to own my own brand one of the first things I'd do would be to hire a fantastic stylist and photographer to take some lifestlye images. Like these ones from the HK Living spring collection shot by Finnish photographer Paulina Arcklin. I mean, how great?!

Paulina Arcklin for HK Living via Decor8blog
Not sure where to start - the exposed brick wall painted white? The fab throw and rugs? The vintage bar stools? The wooden stool with the orange seat?!  What about you?

Happy Swedish national day! We're off to the beach :)


  1. La verdad que las composiciones fotográficas son geniales.

  2. Que lindo blog¡ TE SIGO. Y estas imagenes son preciosas, el cartel y el taco de alamo pintado con naranja me gustaron muchisimo¡

  3. The first picture really stands out..
    Thank you so much for your'e nice comment on my blog!

  4. Love the first one too!
    Nice post. hx

  5. great styling, indeed!
    (but I could do without the scruffy baskets) :)

  6. I love the way to mix textures and color, definitely. <3

  7. I have to agree, the styling is so pleasing to the eye!


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