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Guest post: A Malmö masterpiece

Hello I'm Catherine from Nordic Design blog. I am very happy to collaborate on another beautiful blog promoting Scandinavian design and it's greatness. This beautiful home in Malmö, Sweden has the most amazing ceilings and beautiful parquetry flooring. The eclectic style is amazing! We love how the owners, Julius and Sara, successfully combined the old and the new - it's filled with character. And that shade of green in the dining room is great. What a gorgeous place!


  1. Gorgeous! I found and used one image from this house on my own blog, but haven't seen the entire house. It's just lovely.

  2. i just spent lots of time on your blog this weekend, i kept going farther and farther back, it is so beautiful and your photos are so inspiring! this home is gorgeous! all the ornate details! and i just love that kitchen it's just so sweet and such a little down to earth reprieve from the grandiosity of the rest of the home. thank you niki and catherine!

  3. That home is just amazing!

  4. it's a gergeous...

  5. Dream house! Do homes like that really exist?

  6. Love it. Parade lägenhet no doubt, and yes, they do exist. I would like to repost in my blog as inspiration for reders and myself! I'll give credit natch. Thanks for the beauty!


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