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White with splashes of colour

Back in Southern Sweden today and to celebrate I bring you this Swedish home which, yup you've guessed it, was recently for sale! The owners have used a white canvas and added a touch of country, mid century, modern,scandinavian designer and lashes of bright coloured accessories to create a beautiful, unique, light and relaxed home.

Stadshem via Decophoto blog
 I am particularly loving the chandelier! Anything that stands out for you?

As I was heading back to a decidedly colder Sweden last night I remembered a tip I was given by some Swedish friends on a ski trip. If it's minus temperatures outside, when you wake up in the morning don't wash your face. Instead allow the natural grease your body has produced as a base to protect your skin from the cold. Hmmmm.

Have you got any great tips on coping with the cold?! 


  1. The first thing I fell in love with was that chandelier, too! Simply stunning, and I love white walls, obviously. :) I think we're doing some painting this weekend and painting our living room white from a dark beige (blech!). I don't know about that face-grease trick. I'm pretty sure I'd be warmer but I think my face would be broken out beyond belief! Haha. Welcome home!

  2. I totally love the little cabin paired with the mirror! the colour of the wood is phantastic and adds a warm shade to the whole room.

  3. I love these splashes of colour, yes the chandelier is fab but I love those books and robots too! :)

  4. Love all those brights, mmmm tips for keeping warm, walk faster and add another layer, not sure i could do the no washing thingy!! x

  5. The chandelier is a key element for me, too, Niki. GREAT space.

  6. what an amazing place. Love that bedspread. Amy x

  7. Very nice place ....amazing...Thanks for sharing...

  8. Beautiful place! Not an easy choice... from the chandelier to the bedspread... so exquisite!

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