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The pretty Danish home of Tine K

Gooood morning! I often feel Danish interiors have a  distinct style; simple, clean but with the perfect hint of relaxed bohemian. This is the pretty home of Tine K of Tine K Home in Funen, Denmark which she shares with her husband and three children. Built in 1834, the house was photographed by Jenny of Black Balloon shop and blog.  I love the way Tine has decorated her home with rustic wood furniture against the white, soft grey hues and sharp contrasts of black.

Jenny of Black Balloon
I am postively drooling over the rustic dining table and stools! Could you imagine this home all decked out for Christmas?! Hint hint Tine K! :)

I'm having a luxury morning in a cosy café around the corner from my home with my laptop and a latte machiatto. Now that's what work should be like! What are you up to today?

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Have a lovely Thursday!


  1. Oh God, that table is *amazing*!

  2. So lucky!!!! Love, love, love rustic dining table and stools!!!

  3. I love Tine k.´s home...
    It´s very elegant, stylish and bright,
    The rustic dinning table I love the most.


  4. What an incredibly gorgeous home - I really love the luxe rustic touches. This is truly a masterclass in monochrome, although I am wondering if I would need a few pops of colour, not sure I could be that restrained? Have crockery envy!;)

  5. danish style? love it as well as swedish :-) gourgeous home, wonderful blog, good job Nikky :-)

  6. People sometimes say stark-white interiors can be so cold, but I don't feel that way at all. I see so much warmth and cosiness in that home! And I love that china cupboard. I'd kill for storage like that, it's so rustic and chic!

  7. Simply gorgeous! I'm going to paint our wood floors a very light color...possibly hubby thinks I'm off my rocker but I love the simplicity of it. Our floors are almost 100 years old. Do you it difficult to maintain?

  8. So many of the lovely interiors you show have WHITE floors - could you do a blogpost about white floors - all the options? The pros and cons? the Scandinavians must be the experts on this....!Just love them!Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. You're right Freda, I should definitely do that! I'll start with some advice from my expert friends at the paint shop here in Malmö. Watch this space! :)

  9. I am swooooooning over that entryway - all that space and natural light. Amazing! :) x

  10. that is breathtaking and i love her blog; it is a favorite for certain.

  11. Now THAT is my idea of a calm, comfortable home! Beautiful.

  12. I LOVE THE CABINET! What's the material and where did you buy it?


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