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50 shades of grey in Copenhagen

It's Friday people! WOOHOO! And to top off a Danish week, here's a very cool Copenhagen penthouse. You may've seen it before on Bungalow 5. There are so many things I love about this home - the colour palette (black, white, all shades of grey and a dot of cognac), the original features such as the fireplace and french doors and the stairs lined with fabulous pairs of shoes. If I tried to do that here my 18 month year old would have a field time trying them all on and it would be a bit of a hazard! Still, you always want what you can't have right?!

Pia Møller's apartment, photos credit: Femina/Tina Stephansen Studio 55
What's your favourite thing about this lovely Danish apartment?

Have a wonderful weekend all, and see you Monday!


  1. Hi Niki - yes, I love all shades of grey and our living room is in these colors - may be not exactly the same style, as you show here, but I love it too!
    Have you seen it already on my post of yesterday?
    Your post is wonderful!
    Have a nice weekend too! Hug, Barbara

  2. Hello Niki! Fab space, I would love to add some yellow accent pieces to the space, too. Have a lovely weekend! Will :)

  3. Ohh it has to be the shoes, could never keep them like that but it looks fantastic.
    Happy weekend!

  4. I love it, so calming! Between the shoes and no railing I'm pretty sure I would be a disaster on the staircase, ha....but I love it.

  5. my favourite colour palette! dream house!

  6. ha!I see, I'm not the only one who decorate with shoes :D i love the fire place as well.

  7. I love the shoes on the stairs!!! Hmmm, maybe to childproof I can glue the shoes onto the stairs - it would have to be shoes NOT my size or the temptation to remove them would be strong and I would be worse than a child touching every shoe!!! haha!

  8. This is Pia Møller's apartment, photos credit: Femina/Tina Stephansen Studio 55

    1. Thank you Laura, I'll update the credits :)


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