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A touch of Nordic, pattern and industrial

I found this wonderful apartment via one of my favourite blogs La Maison D'Anna G. It has been created by Linda Bergroth who is a Helsinki and Paris based designer. You can really see the Nordic influence in the outcome.

Linda Bergroth via La Maison D'Anna G
I absolutely LOVE the bathroom in the last picture; the mix of industrial lights, the mid-century dresser and geometric tiled floor is totally fab!


  1. Also love the bathroom for exactly the same reasons as you. The rest of the space looks great as well, love the pops of color especially the cobalt blue kitchen and of course the white floor is fab too...

  2. This combination is a winning equation for me - this is interiors algebra! Scandinavian style + patterns + colours + industrial = super interior design!

  3. yup it is the blue kitchen for me....fab!

  4. Love those crispy white floors! xoxo Caroline

  5. The flooring in this flat is perfection. Also loving the bedroom image.

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  7. Pretty awesome flooring on the bathroom, that really caught my attention. And of course, the whole house is heaven. This is elegance in Nordic pattern!

  8. awesome flooring
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  9. Id love to know where the painting with deer on is from


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