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Pretty Chinese lanterns: prints & DIY

On my work trip last week I also went to Hong Kong which gave me my first ever taste of China. Sadly I was there less than 18 hours and so it was all go go GO and no time to take pics! But since then I've found lots of beautiful pictures of Chinese lanterns. Imagine decorating your garden or home with these? So pretty! 

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And wonder blog SF Girl By Bay has a brilliant guest post about how to make your own Chinese lanterns like the ones below....if you do I'll be super impressed!!

SF Girl By Bay

I wish I'd had the time to invest in some lanterns while I was there. I wonder if I have the time to make some myself, the thing is i just know they'll never turn out like the ones above. Hmmm! What do you reckon?

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Have a lovely day!


  1. Lovely lanterns, but I am more keen on Japanese white round ball lanterns.
    thanks for the pics

  2. lovely, not sure I could attempt to make them , will go and see how though!

  3. I am beginning to like these! Could never do them myself though...
    Thx for sharing from your trip, that is always interesting! Love Caroline


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