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Beach retreat in Uruguay - Part two!

Who would have thought that there could be so many pics of such a small retreat (previous post). But the photographer Javier Csecs has just sent me these I immediately felt I should share them -MORE MORE MORE!...... if only to escape for just a few hours this Monday! I could really see myself here, pottering around, taking in the salty air, reading a book....basic yes, but the thought of no laptop, no mobile, no internet would suit me perfectly, at least for a couple of days!

Photography: Javier Csecs for Espacio Living


  1. even lovelier second time around...sigh x

  2. It's got everything: charm, sunshine, abundant natural lighting and the world's cutest kitchen! Wishing I was there right now!

  3. beautiful pictures!!! thank you for sharing them :) good choice!

  4. I have a really bizarre and debilitating fear of sand (I know, I know) so unless someone were to carry me to and from the house everyday I'd have to invest in hoverboard technology a la Back to the Future. That kitchen though! I wish I could live so simply, it's so inspiring! I can almost hear the ocean just by looking at these pictures.

    1. I have something similar - the sound and sensation of sand rubbing between stones as I walk on them - or worse a spade hitting a rock - it makes my skin go all funny - a bit like with nails on a blackboard. I'm hopeless on brighton beach!

  5. Awww, I wish I could hang out there for a couple of days and unwind. Just myself and a nice book, actually I would bring the husband too.

  6. i think i could easily handle a little retreat here.


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