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A beach escape in Uruguay

Feel like you need to get away from it all this Monday morning?! I could certainly find solace at this beautiful retreat in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay. The home is 7km from the nearest road and accessible only by walking along the dunes or by 4 x 4. It has no electricity or running water (water is obtained from a well or collected rain water). I asked the photographer, Javier Csecs to describe how he felt on the shoot:

"That moment, when arrived at the cottage in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay, was so impressive that everything came easily,the atlantic ocean air, the hot summer sun, sand everyway you look, all do the magic. The owner was talking about the style and details like how decide decoration, but I just relax and let the feelings guide the camera, as if I lived there." Javier Csecs.

Photography: Javier Csecs for Espacio Living

Could you stay somewhere like this? Live even? It certainly is a beautiful home with spectactular views!
Happy Monday morning to you folks!


Tracey said...

My kind of place, not sure I could live there full time as I would never get any work done, but I love the sea and would love to look at it everyday!x

villa-rosengarten & cockerlove said...

Hi Niki - oh, I love this cottage very much! It must be a wonderful place! Thank you for showing.
Do you know the blog of Tine in Uruguay:
It's a german woman, living in Uruguay since several years!
Have a wonderful week, Hugs, Barbara

homestilo said...

I could definitely spend some time. Great photos by Javier.

Ada (new york) said...

Great interview Niki! The exterior didn't appeal to me but the interior ... Wow... the interior is beautiful.

Niki MyScandinavianHome said...

I love the sea too and I have a dream to live over looking a beautiful coastline with a wide sandy beach and rock pools for crabbing....but I think I'd need a little electricity and running water too!!

Niki MyScandinavianHome said...

Thanks for the tip Barbara, I'll definitely check our her website! Maybe there'll be more lovely homes like this on it?

Enthius Nicholae said...

Cabo Polonio is amazing. best place for sandboarding.

Niki MyScandinavianHome said...

I can imagine! one day :)

Just White said...

I love this!
It is my country so I guess I can't be impartial!
It is isolated but real and norm life is so close that you can enjoy it and go back quickly to civilization if in need ;-)
Thanks for showing it.

Tammie Lee said...

oh my, this is wonderful
thank you for sharing this
you really do have a wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

Awesome design, great use of such small space. I believe Uruguay is also known as the "Switzerland" of Latin America, b/c of its high quality of life and large middle class, lol, I guess in this case "Sweden" of S.A. Cheers!


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