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A beautiful white, cream and beige Swedish home

So, we've been around the world this week and very open-plan. How about something closer to home. With walls?! Very close to home in fact, here in Southern Sweden - and for sale via Bo-laget too! I think this apartment is very beautiful - with 'lovely bones' and decorated with white, cream and beige hues with the odd concrete accent wall. There are also so many details I love. It's such a personal space with so much character. Underbara! Go Malmö!

Any details that catch your eye or your imagination?

Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. That's such a lovely, light filled space. Niki - do you know the name of those chairs (the black one in the kitchen pic)? I see them everywhere and I love them, but I just wondered if they are designed by someone? x

  2. The alone one in the kitchen I believe is an old IKEA junior chair but they don't seem to stock them any longer (can anyone correct me on this?) and the ones in the dining room are Arne Jacobsen Myren chairs....:)

  3. Fantastic love that flat. Beautiful light.

  4. That attic space looks truly magical.


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