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A beautiful converted barn in white

Hej hej and happy Friday! I'm very excited this morning as I'm just packing for a mini skiing holidaywith friends - WOOOHOOOO! But before I head off I just wanted to leave you with this beautiful, calm white home in a converted barn, formerly an artist studio in Kent, South East England. It's now available for photo shoots through Foster House - but if I worked there I might just never leave!

All pictures: Foster House
PS if you *need* to see more of this beautiful barn, including pics of the outside check it out here.

Have a lovely weekend and see you when I return next Wednesday (complete with goggle marks?!).



  1. I really like the bath with its mirror collection. Hope you have a great holiday.

  2. Looks little rustic, huh? I can't live in such white space- I need color to function ;-) but it looks beautiful.. I adore the lamps. Have a nice time skiing! :)

  3. I hope u had FUUUUUN on ur ski weekend!!! These photos r amazing ... I LOOOOOVE the wide wood floor plants, the furniture is great too, but the floor is amazing to me (esp coming from New York where we have muuuuch thinner wood floors) :)

  4. so white, so beautiful, so classy :)

    greetings from Madrid,

    Atelier Decor

  5. I adore this home. These images are a real treat to my cluttered mind. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your home ia absolutley beautiful. Thank you for sharing you home .

    1. I wish this were my home, it's soooo beautiful but unfortunately it's not. It is available for hire for shoots through Foster House in the UK.


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