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Bespoke furniture by Norwegian photographer Trine Thorsen

Hej hooo!! How was the weekend? Are you feeling as blurry eyed as me this moring?! If we think we've got a lot on, consider Trine Thorsen, Norwegian photographer, and now designer and producer (together with her boyfriend) of timeless, classic bespoke furniture including shelves, benches, wood storage etc. And when Trine isn't busy with that she's renovating her early 20th century Norwegian home. Phew!  Impressive! More projects anyone?!

Photography: Trine Thorsen Via So-mee

If you're loving this furniture like I am, you can find out more info here. Have a lovely Monday! Klem! (as they say in Norway!)


  1. Wow, the first, second, fourth and the last are the most beautifull. Love live with wood ! Lovely monday too.

  2. Yeahh, I love them, but unfortunately, we haven't got any place left for one of them
    Anyway, I thank you for showing them, because, they are so beautiful!
    Hugs, Barbara

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