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Have a lovely reflective weekend!

This picture is so beautiful. It inspires me to hang my vintage-style lace wedding dress somewhere in my home.  If only I had a wonderful mirror like this!

Sadly I have no idea where this picture comes from. I found it on Pinterest (click logo to the right of this page). If you know I'd love it if you could leave a comment!

Have a lovely couple of days and see you Monday!


  1. I love the mirror!!

    Trevlig helg!


  2. Hey!

    It is the first time I visit your blog and I must say that when I read that you love swedish design I become so proud of my country. Even tough we are such a small country our style is loved by many people around the world. That's great!

    Have a wonderful sunday in Skåne!
    Hugs from
    Fröken Vit


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