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Beautiful white Danish home

OK, i admit last week i promised not to print any more white homes. but almost an entire week has gone by since the last one and i do love a white home so! this lovely Danish home is packed with mid century finds and a lovely mix of old and new. it has been shot by the great photographer Line Klein and styled by Helen Wiggers.

Pictures: Line Klein stylist: Helen Wiggers via Konfetti form
We've had two fanstatically sunny days in a row here and when the sun bounces off the ice and warms the face it's so invigorating- Let there be light! I hope you have good weather too....have a lovely day!


  1. Another great post!
    A little note to let you know that I've named you for the Liebster Blog award. 
    You can see the link to the award here:
    Thank you for the continued inspiration and amazing posts.

  2. Thank you so much Anna, what an honour! I love your blog too and always find something inspiring. Kram! Niki

  3. Absolutely beautiful... I love the simplicity of the rooms chic and clean!
    In btw, you have a lot of inspiring posts.

    Have a lovely week!!!

  4. Can't blame you for loving white interiors. Somehow it shows freshness. Living in a white interior myself, I must admit it's not the most practical (read: clean, clean, clean) but I would not exchange it for nothing else.

  5. Hello,

    As you all said nice home and interior but I think it is quite difficult to maintain this type of home because all in white,but it looks so fine.

    Thank you..

    MDF | Veneered MDF

  6. Please, please keep posting you black/white passion. It inspires us greatly!!! Many thanks


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