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Beautiful ways to display your shoes in the home

Morning! I hope you had a lovely weekend? my goal was to finally get  a grip on my over flowing wardrobe. did i manage? hmmm. and then i saw these lovely way's of displaying clothes, shoes and jewelery by Krystal of blog this time tomorrow and i'm kind of glad i didn't. now i have some fantastic inspiration for next weekend.....and if my shoes over-flow into the rest of the house, even better!

Pictures: This time tomorrow via Glitter Guide


  1. Wow - I love the pictures very much. These shoes look so nice, but can we walk with them? But all accessoiries are beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration shown here. Hugs, Barbara

  2. Hahaha!Probably not, but this goes to show that shoes are not neccessarily made for walking, more for looking at!! :)

  3. Vilka bilder, önskar verkligen att jag haft sådan kontroll över mina skor!
    Men som du skrev, antagligen enbart skor att titta på, inte att gå långpromenad med hundarna inte...

    Kram, Hugs Åsa

  4. P.S Är det ok att jag skriver på svenska eller???

  5. Så Klart Åsa :) I agree definitely not shoes for taking a dog walk! but there's nice ways to display those bright yellow Hunter wellies too!


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