my scandinavian home: Bathroom / boudoir dark or light?

Bathroom / boudoir dark or light?

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Now that the weather's so cold there's nothing like filling a deep bubble bath, and soaking with a book and a glass of wine and then swishing around in a dressing gown. The problem is do you go moody, dark and cocoon like, or pretty, bright and peachy? Here's a mix and match I put together to help decide the vibe!

Via Life on Sundays

Via Riazzoli


Pearl Lowe's bathroom from The Times Style

Boudoir feel via September Second 
 Do you know what? Although I loooove the black and gold (and it is so very now), I think I lean towards the pretty, romantic white and peach. What about you? The dark or the light? Or perhaps something in between?


  1. Light and airy - most definitely.

  2. I've never considered a darker bathroom design before, but I love the first picture - stunning.


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