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California dreaming - monochrome and pale pink home

It snowed here yesterday. It really did. Suffice to say I nearly cried. This is one of the reasons I transport myself to sunny San Francisco everyday via the fab interior design blog SF Girl By Bay. Honestly, if you don't go there, you should start (I mean the blog, not San Fran, but that would be great too!) These pics are from SF Girl By Bay, Victoria's home taken by her friend and photographer Bonnie Tsang.

Photography: Bonnie Tsang. Home: SF Girl By Bay
I told you, she knows what she's talking about or what?! I'm loving the monochrome and pale pink scheme, the portrait paintings, the furniture. Oh so pretty. You can snow as much as you like Sweden but you can't take our love for the indoors!

Thank you to Victoria from SF Girl By Bay for the permission to show these! Fab home you've got!

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A modern. fresh apartment in Malmö, Sweden

Morning and happy errrr Monday! One of the wonderful things about living in Sweden is that you never have to look further than the local estate agents for some really great home inspiration. This fantastic apartment in Malmö, southern Sweden is currently for sale via Bo-laget....

All pictures: Bo-laget

There are so many things I love about what the home-owners have done to this space. From the bright red bumling light over the kitchen table, the pretty coloured cushions on the chairs to the red chairs used as bedside tables and the colour of the hallway set off by the gold Hunter wellies.

Any little things you've noticed and loved?

Have a great start to the week!

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The wonderful home of a Danish stylist

It's Friday! Yay! This weekend I'm taking the girls out to the forest to enjoy a little of the Southern Sweden countryside. It's almost customery to take 'korv med bröd' (hotdogs) and bbq them alfresco. Wish me luck with that last bit...! Since I'm cruising towards a very Swedish weekend I thought I'd go all Scandinavian today with this beautiful home of Danish stylist Rikke Graff Juel which I found via the wonderful Scandinavian design blog La Maison d'Anna G.

Photographer Tia Borgsmidt
I really love this home, there are so many beautiful Danish classics, and they make great style look so effortless.  What did you think?

The good news is, this Danish homeowner also has a blog called Ellens album, so there'll be plenty more inspiration to cruise around this weekend!

Have you got any nice plans for the weekend?

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Boutique 'Glamping' in a vintage inspired caravan

Living here in Sweden I really wanted to show P and our little girls a little about where I come from so a real british seaside holiday is in order! So this summer we're going 'glamping' (glamorous camping) by England's beautiful SouthWest coast. I'm thinking whimsical days in wellies, chintzy tea sets, bunting, vintage caravans, 50's radios and buckets and spades. Can't wait!

Pictures: Love Lane Campsite
 For more info about hiring a 'boutique' caravan at the lovely Love Lane campsite in Cornwall click here. Do you have any exciting holiday plans this year?

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A beautiful white Danish home

Now, there's nothing I love more than a white home. I live in Scandinavia after all. And this Danish home is the eptiome of white lovely-ness. I especially love the wooden floors. We have recently white washed our dark oak floors and our house has become so light and airy because of it. Next step - beautiful mid century furniture like in this home....

Pernille Kaalund for Femina via Seventeen Doors
There are so many things I love about this home I'm not sure where to start, perhaps you can help me?! What catches your eye?

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A cool vintage inspired guest house

There's something about Australia this week...but here's yet another beautiful home. This time by interior designers Gardener & Marks who love to decorate quirky spaces with a vintage industrial edge. I love everything about this guest house, if i was a guest here I might never leave.....

Gardener & Marks via 79 ideas
If you have a little time definitely pop over to drool over the rest of the pics and other projects by Gardener & Marks here

My other tip is the wonderful blog 79 ideas where I found this of my favourite daily reads...

Have a lovely day!

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Bohemian home of a Melbourne florist

You know when you see something and you get just a tinsy bit well,....jealous?! Well, when I spotted this Melbourne home of florist, Poppy on Keke I couldn't help getting a tad envious. Firstly I love Poppy's laid back, bohemian interior style (most of all her fab kitchen), then that she is a florist and spends her days working with beautiful plants (look at the way she has used flowers to brighten up her home) and finally she is an incredible chef and cooks a mean 'Love Fern Paella'! The funny thing is my home looks nothing like Poppy's, I am blonde and I am no mean cook. I did buy daffodils yesterday though...could that be a start?!

Thank you Kirra, for inspiring me with your wonderful blog and for allowing me to publish these pics. Oh and, for the wonderful Love Fern Paella recipe!

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