My budget bedroom refresh

I do love a challenge and when Benson for Beds asked me to update my bedroom for spring using plants, and second hand finds, I was rummaging through a bin at my local thrift store moments later! Truth be told, my home is teaming with plants and flea market finds already.  I've always loved the fresh feel of vibrant greenery and with second hand items, that each and every piece has a story to tell. To me, the combination is essential in creating a unique and personal space that's warm and inviting. Here's a step by step guide to my budget bedroom refresh - I hope you like the results!

1. I picked up this old bench at an online vintage store, and it's a great alternative to a chest - providing the perfect spot for books, plants and spare blankets at the end of the bed.

2. I found this peacock chair on a buy-and-sell site online and it adds a little decadence to the corner of my bedroom!

 3. This brass lamp is a local flea market find and adds a little shine to me bedside table as well as being practical. It sits atop an old workman's stool.

4. My friend Tina Lekeberg recently gave me this bouquet of cut herbs as a gift. The roots are starting to grow so I'll transfer them to a pot soon - in the meantime I'm enjoying waking up to the fresh scent of mixed herbs! 

5. A second-hand sheepskin throw and linens are perfect for adding a little warmth on cool spring evenings!

6. I love the gentle whisper of an asparagus plant - the only tricky part will be keeping it alive as they require lots of water - eeek!

Photography: Niki Brantmark - My Scandinavian Home. Styling: Genevieve Jorn.

I have to say, I do love waking up in my bedroom now, it feels so cosy! May my room stay neat and the plants stay green for as long as possible!

If you fancy giving your bedroom a refresh you might like to check out four easy bedroom decorating ideas on a budget for more ideas. Oh and if you're wondering about any of the items you see, give me a shout in the comment section below and I'll point you in the right direction!

Have a lovely day!

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Benson for Beds, however all the words, ideas and images are my own - and I loved participating in this challenge as it gave me just the incentive I needed to give my bedroom a much needed refresh! Thank you for supporting the brands that make My Scandinavian Home possible.

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Duvet Day In This Cosy 'Forever Autumn' Bedroom?

The walls in my bedroom were white for years (take a peek here) and it always felt so fresh and light. But it's only when I painted the back wall in a 'blushing peach' hue that I realised the power of colour - and how much more cosy a room feels with slightly darker, warm tones (I'm sure you've seen it, but just in case, there's a tour of it here). It's funny how that can happen don't you think? Yesterday I came across a tour of this beautiful bedroom belonging to Jeska Herne of Lobster & Swan and it reminds me so much of the colour in my bedroom - except she's gone all out. All four walls and the radiator have been painted in Warm Mud Brown by Cassandra Ellis. The result is a bedroom with a calm yet inviting 'forever autumn' feel and a warm, relaxed vibe.

Oh my word - while searching this picture for details to write about I spotted my very own book 'The Scandinavian Home' - what an honour! Thank you Jeska!

The pair are a big fan of antiques and many of the pieces have been collected on their travels to places like India. They also like to shop for fair-trade antiques at Ian Snow.

When it comes to DIY, Jeska and Dean are on a whole other level (their garden retreat which they created on a shoe-string budget is a fine example of this!). Dean made the bedside shelves in this room and Jeska pieced the lights together with various items collected over time. You can find similar pretty vintage lights like this on Etsy* (I particularly love this hand cut glass lamp*  and art deco vintage lamp* but you'd need to be super quick, there's only one of each!).

Sheer lace curtains (source similar here*) slip in a soft pool of filtered light giving a calm feel to the space and glass cabinets provide a place to store magazines and bed linen while keeping them dust free. 

Layers of linen complete the relaxed feel of the space (I love the look of this linen bedding*!). The picture above the bed is vintage. 

It seems like Jeska and Dean's cat Marlo looks totally at home in their new bedroom - and who can blame him?

Is it me or have feline friends been stealing the show in home tours lately? Just look at yesterday's home and Audrey Rivet's lovely apartment!

Are you a cat person? I grew up with rescue cats and my husband and I used to have a cat called Fredrik-Bo. He was a real character - he used to go to the local cafe and eat muffins. He was really charming when he wanted to be (namely when he wanted a muffin!) but was also massively vicious, to the extent that we had to run passed him when he wasn't looking for fear of being attacked!! Needless to say, my husband has vetoed ever getting a cat again. Bah! I miss them purring away while curled up on my lap and climbing over my keyboard as I type!

Back to this bedroom though - could you imagine spending a duvet day here? There's something so calm about it and it makes me feel really nostalgic - it reminds me a little of my grandmother's home on the South Coast of England, which was really lovely!

Oh and if you love the look of the Cassandra Ellis paint - Jeska's holding a very exciting give-away to win 10 litres of it on her blog here! Hurrah!

Have a lovely day!


PS Only three days to go before the launch of my online interior design service - scary Mary! There's only a couple of spaces left for the big discount - thank you so much to everyone who has signed up so far! If you'd like to be one of the first twenty to get help re-designing a room in your home from the My Scandinavian Home Studio team just send me a mail and I'll add you to the list and notify you as soon as it launches!

Photography: Dean Hearne for Lobster & Swan
Affiliate links marked with *

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Duvet day in this Swedish bedroom?!

Due to a combination of too much work, too much play and an addictive series on Netflix ('just one more episode' at midnight, type thing - do you have that?!), I'm feeling incredibly sleep deprived....and while I sit here on the train at 6 am I'm longing for my bed! Or the bed in this Swedish apartment. If I could I'd light that masonry oven, go and fetch a coffee and a little breakfast (preferably like this one) and read a pile of interior magazines in bed all morning.... heaven! Could you imagine doing the same?!

Stadshem / found via Marthe Bo with thanks

That is one beautiful bedroom! Love the white floors, grey linen bedding and vintage wardrobe - lovely!

A few other items I know and love in case you're curious: Bertoia chair, round mirror, moss knit throw, Gotland sheepskin rug, this beautiful light is similar.

Other bedrooms I could quite happily enjoy a duvet day in include this Amsterdam boudoir, under the eaves in this incredible Swedish country bedroom, and actually - my own bedroom (it's more like to happen here too, plus if I'm lucky the man might just bring me breakfast in bed, now that would be a bonus!).

For more inspiration, you might want to check out my bedroom Pinterest board for 1.2 thousand plus pics of pure bedroom inspiration- (clear the calendar?!)  and my bedroom tour archive here on My Scandinavian Home. Time well spent, I'd say?! 

Have a *dreamy* day!
PS Could you be my 50,000th follower on Instagram? Thank you so much to everyone who follows me already, you're wonderful, I love reading all your comments!

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Layering Up My Bedroom For a Super Cosy Autumn!

Borta bra, hemma bäst. I'm not sure if you're familiar with this Swedish saying which means 'away is good but home is best' (or 'there's no place like home'). And I have to admit it was soooo nice to be home again after the summer holidays. Don't get me wrong, I loved our little family adventure, but it was BLISS to be back in my own bed! Do you find this too? Admittedly, it helped that I've also given our bedroom a heavenly revamp with the new Granit premium collection. I'd never want to will away the rest of summer, BUT the collection is an absolute DREAM and perfect for Autumn! It's made up of layers of super soft bedsheets, blankets, pillows and curtains in five muted, earthy tones inspired by nature: sand, shell, clay, stone and soil. I also love that every piece been made using super soft, high quality materials including 100% organic cotton dyed with OEKO-TEX certified colours and 100% European Flax Linen, velvet and corduroy. And the collection is designed to work harmoniously together to create a restful and relaxing space. Bring on the chill! 

Our bed is layered with duvet covers in clay and soil and a mountain of cosy pillows in clay, soil and cotton rib stone. 

This corner of our bedroom is a little like a mini living room - and one of the few places you can actually escape the rest of the clan - needless to say, it's one of my favourite spots in the house! I added linen curtains in shell which slip in a soft light for a really calm feel. 

I've always had a bit of a thing for velvet, especially with - dare I say it - the weather starting to turn colder! These three pillows are in soil, clay and shell tones. 

And finally, this is the cotton rib blanket I was talking about.  I chose the sand which I really love as it goes with absolutely everything in our home - and I do love to move blankets around depending on where we're cosying up!

What do you think? 

I was particularly excited that the collection matched the existing colours in my bedroom so perfectly  - I love it when a plan comes together! But since the tones are earthy, they'd seriously look good in any space. 

Granit's first ever premium collection will be available throughout Europe online at from 15th August and in selected stores including Münster; Germany, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsinki from 22nd August. Note, the bedding will be available in Scandinavian measurements only. If you're a Granit community member, you can look forward to a pre-launch in the next few days! 

Oh yes, in addition to the textiles, Granit has developed an indoor paint in collaboration with Byggfabriken that will be available in five organic colours that directly match the new premium collection! The Auro paint is completely organic, plastic-free and non-toxic. The paint will be available at Byggfabriken in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, and you'll be able to pick up colour samples in Granit stores. Auro in Germany can also mix the colours upon request. 

I can't wait to pick up the samples - I'm thinking of revamp Liv's bedroom. Don't tell Per, he's still recovering from the kitchen renovation....    

In the meantime, if anyone's looking for my entire family, we'll no doubt be right here feeling restful and relaxed in my newly revamped bedroom! 


This is a paid partnership with Granit, however all words and pictures are my own and I only ever work with brands that I love and think you will too! 

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My Latest Bedroom Update (+ Get The Look!)

Sponsored by Nordal*
As you know, the top floor of our townhouse is one big room which we use as our bedroom and home office. Open plan is wonderful - it creates an airy, light-filled space. But at the same time I've learned it can also present challenges - like less privacy, the need to carve out zones and create cosiness. But I think I've finally found the solution: a rattan room divider from Danish brand Nordal. It makes a PERFECT screen - and I think it's so pretty too! While placing my order, I couldn't resist throwing a few other pieces into my cart (as you do!). And now I can lie in bed without looking at my huge pile of 'things to do' on my desk and wake up to fresh blooms instead. Phew! Here's a glimpse of my latest bedroom update. 

I love the imperfection in the rattan - my entire bedroom felt instantly more relaxed when I added it. It was like it had always been there. Don't you love it when that happens?

The stool is made from solid teak and I love the irregular shape. I picked up the vase years ago in a flower shop (you've probably spotted it in other parts of my home before).

I'm still so happy with the wall colour (Blushing Peach)  - can you hear Per breath a sigh of relief?! FYI: our floor colour looks white but it's actually Strong White by Farrow & Ball which is a very pale grey. You can find out more about the armchair and linen bed cover here.

A while back I remember a reading a birthday card that said 'Dot went out to the shops to buy a chocolate bar and found a dress to match' - and that was completely the the case with this amber vase. I felt it went so nicely with the 70s vibe of the rattan screen, and it adds something sculptural to our windowsill too! So pleased with it! 

In case you're curious about all the items I've added, here's the complete low down:


1. Burgundy cushion cover
2. Rattan divider
3. Teak wooden stool
4. Rilla vase (medium)
5. Rilla vase (small)

Nordal has an online store in Denmark. If you live outside Denmark, search for your nearest stockist here.

If you're wondering about anything else in my bedroom just give me a shout below!

Have a 'dejligt' day!


*This post is in paid partnership with Nordal, however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. 

Photography and styling: Niki Brantmark / Felicia Alm

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Beautiful Amsterdam bedroom make-over and tips for a great night sleep

I had a bit of a late night last night, arriving back from presenting in Copenhagen (alongside two other lovely social media gals - cake baking extraordinaire Cecilia and talented photographer Christina) at midnight before being rudely interrupted by my alarm at 5.30 am this morning- GUH! As a result sleep (or lack of) is on my mind. Oh how I'd love to crawl under the duvet in this beautiful bedroom in a penthouse in Amsterdam. Designed by Holly Marder, the space has been decorated with soft, muted tones and a subtle mix of  textures to give a serene and relaxing feel.  Could you imagine a peaceful night's sleep (or duvet day) in this light and airy bedroom?

Photography / design - Holly Marder  / Avenue Lifestyle shared with kind permission.

Oh so lovely! The star of the show has to be the kitty cat - he's gorgeous?! But if I had to choose an item I'd go for the African mudcloth pillows/ cushions - fab!

Other items: I have a very similar bench at the end of my bed and love it. You can source a similar one here and here. The wall colour is Ammonite. Source sheer linen here. Hästens bed which has been re-upholstered. Brass pendant light bulbs, white and rose linen bedding. Beni Ourain rug. Books: The Kinfolk Home and Northern Delights. Superfront cabinet doors.

You can also see the before pictures here (I do love a good before and after!). And you might want to check out Holly's own bedroom here (one of the most popular posts of all time on MSH!). 

There's also plenty of bedroom inspiration in the MSH archives here. Plus over 1000 beautiful bedrooms (I'm not joking) on my bedroom pinterest board (clearly I dream about going back to bed a lot).

Other sleep-inducing links:

This dark broody cocoon of a bedroom and light and airy bedroom is also beautiful. Do you prefer the dark or the light?

I love this 'within the tides' bedding.

5 minute bedtime yoga for a better night's sleep.

Bedroom plants that help you sleep.

13 songs to calm you down at night.

How to wake-up without feeling sluggish.

Have a lovely day (and a beautiful night's sleep!). Sweet dreams!

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My home - bedroom tour

I've been meaning to finish my bedroom for ages.  I finally found the opportunity on a recent collaboration with the fab family run Danish homeware shop Nordal - who made it possible to add the final touches for Autumn - including a much needed rug, as well as a cosy quilt and beautiful bench. Our bedroom takes up the top floor of our house (some feel a big room is un-cosy, do you?) it's a very personal thing but I love to have lots of space around me, and even open the balcony door while I'm sleeping for extra measure! Having said that, I feel a bedroom should be calm. Somewhere you can relax and switch off from the stresses and strains of daily life. And as the cold weather starts to set in here in Sweden - cosy too! That's why I've stuck to neutral shades and layers of soft textiles in natural materials such as cotton, rattan, sheepskin and linen! Here's the reveal, I hope you like it!

Photography: Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home. Styling Genevieve Jorn.

What do you think?

I have to say, it really has become my little oasis. Looking at this now, I might just head back to bedfor the day.....Zzzzzzz!

Here's a guide to where I found some of the items:

1. RAW bench (I'd recommend the larger one if you have a double bed) 2. Quilt - black and cream stripes  3. Sheepkin throw 4. DOME lamp 5. sheepskin cushion 6. Round glass bottle 7. ESSENCE carpet (rug).

If you're wondering about anything else in my bedroom ask away in the comment section below and I'll be happy to point you in the right direction!

Have a lovely day!

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Nordal. I only ever work with brands I love and think you will to. Thank you for supporting the businesses which make My Scandinavian Home possible.

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