A happy and relaxed boho family home

Hello there! I hope you're having a great start to the week?! I thought we could kick off with the delightful, light-filled family home of Chloe Brookman in old federation house in Sydney, Australia. Chloe is co-owner of Olli Ella, an online store selling playful, iconic and beautifully made nursery furniture and textiles (just look at this lovely luggy basket and you'll see what I mean!) - which she runs with her sister in London. Chloe's shares her home with her husband Charlie and their three children: Tennyson, Arlo and Nell as well as their dog Eshu. The space is as charming as you'd imagine - with a fab mix of handmade and unique pieces and a wonderful warm and relaxed feel. Let's take a tour...

Photography Jacqui Turk  Styling: Nicole Valentine Don  Assisting: Ellen Arthur.

I love how there's an element of surprise in every room - a bright yellow cushion here, a pyramid shaped book shelf (made by her husband) there, a trumpet, a rug on the wall.... it makes the space so fun and interesting.

And then there's the mid-century furniture and an abundance of plants.... oh yes!

Is there anything that you love in particular about this home?

As you can imagine many of the items in the home are available at Olli Ella including the bassinet, pillows, rugs and planters. So happy to have found this store (although by the looks of things a little dangerous too - I'd pretty much love everything in it, how about you?!).

You can see more pictures of this lovely home as well as an interview with Chloe over at The Transcontinental Affair. You might recognise the fabulous blog as I once featured the home of Nicole Valentine Don (or 'Little Nicki' as she's also known) here (note the relaxed boho style too... :).

Have a wonderful day! 

PS On a completely separate note, I was super excited to see my piece 'Snoozing the Scandinavian way' in Traditional Home magazine US this weekend. Hope you like it!

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