Ray a drop of juice

Nothing brightens up an apartment more than pops of bright colours against a white background. And if you don't have anything bright, here's a styling juice! Genius!

Notice how I am starting to sneak in a few outdoor spaces into the posts too; if you're in the northern hemisphere and like me, the garden / balcony is becoming an important spring styling area so all inspiration is welcome (check out the use of rag rugs to add warmth to an outdoor space).

Alvhem Makleri

I spy: the ArchitectMade bird and Rosendahl monkey in the office. The fabric on the chair (these bold patterned armchairs seem to be popular at the moment, did you see the one in yesterday's post too?) is from Svenskt Tenn and Eames side chairs (15% off with code MYSCAN from Design Collectors). Find beautiful rag rugs here on Etsy.

Are there any quick and easy tips you can share for an outdoor space?

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