An Elegant Danish Family Home in The Heart of Copenhagen

It's always fascinating to see the difference between how a Scandinavian decorates their summer cottage and their urban dwelling. Last week we saw a glimpse of Line Stampe Dahl's dreamy, white summer cottage in Sjællands Odde, North East Zealand. Her home in the city is equally pared-back. But while her summer cottage has a more relaxed, costal vibe - with its white clad walls and vintage furniture - the Danish family's Copenhagen home is more refined. The wonderful turn-of-the-century building provides an elegant backdrop to a living space that has been thoughtfully furnished with iconic Scandinavian design pieces. Look closely and you'll also spot earthy accent walls and even a fabulous circus themed ceiling! Oh, and keep an eye out for the family's little white rabbit, he's hopping about it one of the pictures! 

Louis poulsen VL45 radio lamp, Nofred mouse chair, OK Design OAS table

I love a lemon tree and Line's one in the window is lush, don't you think? I bought one for my my kitchen a few months back. It was looking a little unhappy, so in the end I shoved it out in the garden and just left it there. Not only has it got new shoots but it's actually flowering! Caroline Reichel was right! 

Oh, and the old Copenhagen window frames and sills get me every time. Aren't they beautiful? 

 Source a similar vintage table here*

Louis Poulsen lamp* (as before), painting by Jeppe Eisner

What a beautiful home! So elegant and refined, yet also relaxed. Danish style art it's finest! 

See more pictures of Line's lovely home over at @linestampedahl - and in case you missed it - here's the tour of her pared-back summer cottage

The question is, did you spot the bunny?! 


PS check-out more drool-worthy Danish home tours in this archive. One of my favourites! 

Photography: Line Stampe Dahl, shared with kind permission. 

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My Home: Meet the CH24 Wishbone Chair - Birthday Edition!

We use our home so much more these days, so it's only fair to treat ourselves, don't you think? This beautiful lady arrived from Carl Hansen & Søn a few days ago, and she's already a treasured part of the family! You'll no doubt recognise it as the iconic CH24 Hans J. Wegner (also known as the legendary 'Wishbone') chair. The Danish classic is instantly recognisable by its Y-shaped back, hand-crafted woven seat and sculptural curved back.  To celebrate the designers 105th birthday, Carl Hansen has launched this CH24 Hans J. Wegner birthday edition in a luxurious, glossy navy-blue, re-imagined by London-based designer Ilse Crawford and her multidisciplinary team at Studioilse. And she's an absolute beauty! 

Designer Ilse Crawford

Carl Hansen & Søn has a long tradition of manufacturing furniture with a great love for design and the history of the crafting process - using quality wood from sustainable forests. The Wishbone Chair has been in continuous production at Carl Hansen & Søn since 1950 (isn't that incredible?). This latest limited-edition piece plays testimony to the proud tradition of distinctive and beautiful craftsmanship where nothing has been left to chance. 

Most commonly seen in a classic wood finish, I love how the glossy navy blue contrasts with the earthy, hand-crafted woven seat! It's both bold and welcoming - and above all else, timeless! 

Oh, and the commemorative chair comes with a smart engraved brass plate featuring Hans J. Wegner's signature and date of birth - making it a true collector's item.  

I get a feeling we'll merely be looking after this chair for the next generation, don't you? And that's exactly what beautifully crafted Scandinavian design is all about! 

Read more about the CH24 Hans J. Wegner birthday edition - and pick up your own piece when it launches on 2nd April. You'll need to be quick, it's only on sale until April 30th, 2020. 

If anyone's looking for me this weekend, I'll be sitting right here. Unless the kids nab this spot first of course.... *rolls eyes*. 

Have a great weekend friends! Stay well! 


This post is sponsored by Carl Hansen & Søn, however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the businesses that make My Scandinavian Home possible. 

Georg Jensen The Helix Collection: From the Drawing Board To My Coffee Table!

Paid partnership
Last month I was invited to the Georg Jensen headquarters in Copenhagen. Excited is an understatement. I mean, Georg Jensen is the crème de la crème of Danish design! Founded by silversmith Georg Jensen in 1904, the design company has produced some of the most iconic Scandinavian design pieces of our time including the GRAPE Bowl 263B,  Fish Dish 1026 and Bernadotte Thermo. Jewellery, cutlery, home decor items, and tableware are just a part of the many items handcrafted in the workshop in Denmark's capital city today. The reason for my visit? To meet the designer and discover the story behind the new Helix Collection

The designer

Enjoying a fika (tea/ coffee break) is a simple pleasure in life. Swedish design duo Bernadotte and Kylberg wanted to create a new tea and coffee set which would elevate the occasion. 

The pair had a deep appreciation and respect for the elegant functionality of Georg Jensen and heritage of Scandinavian design and they wanted to incorporate this into the design. Understated details, a strong sense of contemporary minimalism and functionality were an important factor.  

"We wanted to look at tea and coffee drinking as a ritual. We were focused on the practical side, because at the end of the day you have to be able to pour. The set also needed to be well-balance and have an honest functionality." Oscar Kylberg. 

They set about sketching a thermos jug, Bonbonniere, milk jug, tea pot and tray - today known as The Helix Collection

The design duo delved into the Georg Jensen archives and felt inspired by the organic shapes of the iconic jewellery pieces such as Möbius and Infinity - which inspired the bold cultural shape of the tea and coffee pots. 

They also spent countless hours perfecting the function of each piece. Today, the mirror polished stainless steel thermo jug keeps coffee warm for up to six hours (forget the coffee table, I need one of those on my desk!), while the drip-free tea pot has a double steel wall which ensures a warm cuppa for hours to come! 

The workshop

In the Georg Jensen workshop (known as the Smithy) around 25 silversmiths can spend up to six months single-handedly hammering, smouldering and polishing silverware. Sometimes by the light of  a candle - so very hyggeligt!  

Once crafted the pieces are ready to be shipped to homes around the world. And I was lucky enough to be a recipient of the stainless-steel Helix Thermos jug and Helix Bonbonniere. As if I needed an excuse for a fikapaus...

My coffee table

Never one to shy away from a cup of coffee (and this has only accelerated since moving to Sweden) I was thrilled with my new set. It's also wonderful owning pieces with such a strong sense of design heritage. 

I like the Helix Thermo Jug for its sleek, almost industrial pared-down design and also because it really is very practical! At times like this, it can keep my coffee warm for hours - and in summertime I can use it for iced tea (hard to imagine that right now, but I need to have faith that the warm weather will return!).  

The sculptural and shiny Helix Bonbonniere is a multifunctional bowl with an ergonomic lid (one of those that feels nice to take on and off so you do it several times for no reason!). I love that it can be used as a sugar bowl, but also for sweets, chocolates or whatever else takes your fancy. Any guesses what I have in mind?! 

Aren't they beautiful?

I'm curious - if the coffee stays warm for up to six hours, does that call for a six-hour coffee break - because the Christmas holidays are coming and I'm reading a great book....

The complete collection is available here

Are you also ready to elevate your tea / coffee drinking ritual?! 

Wishing you a lovely day friends! 


This is a paid partnership with Georg Jensen, however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the businesses that make My Scandinavian Home possible. 

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Calling all Friends Who Cycle: You Will Love This!

Sponsored (all words are my own):
When I first moved to Sweden, I remember asking Per for a lift to work. He was baffled: 'why can't you cycle?' I gestured outside the window at the snow. 'And?' he replied. You see, nowhere does 'there's no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing' apply more! Swedes hop on their bikes rain, wind or snow. I reluctantly obliged that day (it helped that the cycle paths had been cleared before the roads!) and now it's second nature to hop on my bike all year round. BUT I'm ashamed to say, I haven't been wearing a helmet. I know, TERRIBLE! Until now, that is. Except it's not a traditional helmet,  it's a Hövding airbag for urban cyclists. Now, I know this post isn't about interiors - but I hope you'll forgive me as it is the BEST of local Swedish design - and it's genius! Read on if you love to get about by bike, this might just revolutionise your ride!

Let's start from the beginning!
The 'airbag for cyclists' was invented by two girls here in Southern Sweden back in 2005 when the  industrial design students pondered the question:

"Would it be possible to design a bicycle helmet that everyone would want to wear? And if so, what would it look like? Perhaps the most stylish helmet was one you couldn't see."

They set about designing a helmet that's worn around the neck like a collar and which would inflate in the event of an accident. Hövding Sverige AB was founded the same year.

So, how does it work?!
Charge the airbag at home (not very often though as version 3 stays charged for up to 15 hours cycle time). The latest version is also adjustable to comfortably fit your neck. When you hop on your bike you turn the airbag on. And when you hop off again you turn it off. It's as simple as that!

But what happens if I have an accident?

In the unfortunate event of an accident, the airbag inflates in 0.1 seconds to form a hood that supports your neck and protects the head from injury.

The Malmö based firm has sold over 150,000 airbags for cyclists and over 4000 cyclists have benefited from its protection.

Since it is activated by movement, the only time it won't inflate is if you receive a direct hit - for example, if you were to cycle into an overhead branch without seeing it.

Love a little tech?!
If you're the techy kind (don't worry if you're not, I'm not either and it works perfectly fine without the tech too!) - the latest version connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The Hövding app shows how far you've cycled, your remaining battery time and in case of an accident, notifies your selected contacts.

Love a little Analog?! 
I picked up a sticker when was at the Hövding mother ship here in Malmö which reminds me to turn my Hövding on and off at the start and end of my rides. Works for me!

Oh, and you can also customise your airbag with a jazzy cover like a Harris Tweed, Paisley, or Hi-vis design. They're all waterproof and dirt-repellent.

These days, I feel a whole lot better when I ride about town - and I think my airbag looks pretty smart too, don't you think?!

Bring on the rain, wind and snow Sweden, I'm ready for it!

Fancy one for your bike rides? Hövding airbag for urban cyclists are available to buy online (ships throughout Europe). You can also find your nearest retailer here.

Got any questions? You can read more about Hövding here and find the FAQ here. Feel free to ask away below too!


This post is sponsored by Hövding, however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands that I love and think you will too. It's always a pleasure to put a spotlight on local brands doing wonderful things! 

Disclaimer: No one at My Scandinavian Home, in any way whatsoever, can be responsible for your use of the information in or linked from this website. Any action you take upon the information on this website is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any losses and damages in connection with the use of our website. 

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