Carolina's Serene Stockholm Apartment in Creams and Browns

A while ago Swedish photographer Kristofer Johnsson and stylist Pella Hedeby paid a visit to this beautiful 19th century apartment in Sturegatan, Stockholm. The home belonged to Mattias and Carolina Storm. The couple have since moved (a little birdie tells this was their third apartment in four years!). 

Perhaps this information makes me even more intrigued, since the space looks so nicely 'complete' - which is impressive in a short amount of time. I mean, we've lived in our home for 16 years, and I'm still trying to figure out what to put on some of the walls. Are you the same? 

Not only that, but it's beautiful too, with every room in perfect harmony. The colour scheme is similar to Leanne's cottage which I showed on Wednesday - but the look is very different in terms of architecture ad furniture. Here, we witness round organic shapes juxtaposed with triangular forms, fluffy rugs layered with texture and furniture from different eras. Art and mirrors also play an important role - with their 'barely there feel', yet at the same time adding interest at every turn. 

I hope you enjoy the tour! 

Such a serene space! 

I hope I can feature their latest home soon since that is filled with the same timeless pieces but curated in an entirely different way! 

Did anything stand out to you?

And I'm curious to know - is the decor in your home 'finished' or very much a work in progress like mine?  

Since it's Friday, I couldn't resist sharing a few other homes with you - some of which have the same neutral scheme but with a pop of colour, all of them beautiful! 

Have a fabulous weekend friends!


Photography: Kristofer Johnsson
Styling: Pella Hedeby
Shared with kind permission


  1. The headboard in the bedroom seemed very interesting and the usage of different toned woods. My home is finished, for now at-least :) If a new idea takes hold or inspiration strikes to try something and that something isn't prohibitively expensive or time-consuming, then I usually give it a try. I think our homes, being reflections of ourselves usually are never completely finished, since tastes and preferences (and influencing trends) usually change with time.

  2. I love the color scheme for days, but not crazy about some of the curated furnishings as they seem a bit precarious. I'm attracted to solid, workhorse pieces to withstand all the stuff I put on them - books, dishes, candles, lamps, sculptures, laptop, cats - you name it!
    Stand outs for me are the organic mirror in the bedroom, the fireplace, and the breakfast table and chairs.
    My home? Always in flux. There's my foundation furniture I've had for decades, but my door is in constant rotation when it comes to colors and smaller details.
    Have a lovely, as well!
    Laura K

  3. I love the simplicity of this home. I’ve been through many decorating “phases” as I call them! Currently I am trying for a more minimal look but it is a challenge! I do like more than one style so that makes it more difficult to achieve. I love the hanging lamp in this home !
    Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. This has a very soft, serene feel to it. I love the wicker lampshades and the slightly funky-shaped mirrors. This is one of the rare homes featuring a headboard--are headboards not used much where you live, Niki?

    I am similar to the first person who commented. I mostly have my pictures/wall hangings where I want them, but I occasionally switch them out as the mood (or necessity) strikes. We adopted two kittens last fall and that has resulted in moving some furniture as well as a picture or two to accommodate their craziness. They are fun and funny but I hope that someday I can remove the covers/throws from my uphostered furniture. They don't shred furniture, but they like to leap around and those claws can cause a world of hurt to your stuff if you aren't prepared!

  5. The entire home is like a big exhale. I liked your description of “barely there feel” and yes, so much interest everywhere! Time and again, I am consistently drawn to the table and chairs in dining nooks. Their floors are beautiful, the varied textures from all the soft furnishings, the architectural moldings on the walls, the use of wood accents is all wonderful. I also love how the large scale painting in the living area both complements and stands out from the wall.

    We lived in our last house for 20 years and it was mostly, but not completely complete. We’ve lived in our current home for two years and there are things I still can’t decide what to do. Mostly adding finishing touches with hanging artwork.

  6. My home is a work in progress, we've only been here since last September. And when you're looking for just the right pieces, it takes time. I am enjoying the "may never quite be finished" journey.

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