A Small Swedish Home With a Smart Room Divider

In small quarters, creating a calm, practical and comfortable living space that's also beautiful isn't always easy, but it's something the Swedes are especially good at! 

While this apartment might be blessed with a spacious kitchen, the living room needs to serve as a place to sit, relax and socialise as well as a bedroom. And if there's one thing us humans love, it's to sleep in a cosy space that provides privacy. But, with only one window in the room, the owners were faced with a conundrum. Do they close off the 'sleep zone' and cut off the natural light? Or do they keep it open-plan? 

Read on to discover the smart solution they arrived at and feel inspired by a soothing colour scheme and light-filled home in a compact, 37 sqm / 409 ft.sq space. 

Mirrored furniture is great for reflecting light into all corners of the home - and it's also a huge trend this season! 

Look closely at the window and you'll spot a black-out blind - ready to turn the room into a dark haven for a good night's sleep! 

And here friends, is the answer the owner found to creating a little privacy at nightfall. A pony wall that's high enough to separate the living room from the bedroom but low enough to ensure light flows through. 

There's no shortage of storage here! 

The layout: 

Glossary; rum: room, kök - kitchen, badrum - bathroom

What a lovely space, and a clever idea for a room divider to boot, do you agree?

Is there anything that stood out to you about this Swedish apartment? 

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Glad Lillördag! 


Photography courtesy of Alvhem with thanks


  1. Lovely, but how in the world does one get linens on that bed?

  2. And they even made room for a piano! To Memee’s question, that’s a good point on being able to maneuver in the space. The pony wall appears to be stationary, but maybe there’s the capability to move it. Loved that they also had a garden space to expand their living area when weather cooperates, too.

  3. I love how they used this beautiful space without compromising the open and airy look even though it is quite small. I also think the living/bed room would be nicer and more spacious living space without the piano. I love pianos, but I couldn't help but notice.

  4. Such a lovely space, Thank you! I know some of our younger music teachers live in a one room apartment this way. For myself, would go with a bamboo or wicker weave foldable/movable partition, making the beds each morning would be a tough act.

  5. Eat-in kitchens will always have my heart.

  6. Amazing use of space. Whites & beiges add so much visual square footage, as does no clutter.

  7. I have a soft spot for well-thought-out small spaces. The Eat Drink Nap sign is a great life philosophy. :)


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