A Light and Airy Open-Plan Swedish Loft with Angled Ceilings

Hej there! I hope you had an 'underbar' weekend! It dawned on me that I've shown quite a few bigger homes recently, yet homes come in all shapes and sizes. And in this case, angles! So if you've come here looking for loft spaces with low ceilings or compact open-space living ideas, this one's for you! 

In this top floor apartment in Gothenburg, the designer has decided to create one large open space rather than a series of smaller rooms to ensure the light gets into every last corner. Mirrors also help to accentuate the light, while an earthy, neutral colour scheme ensures a serene, cohesive look that's looks as cosy as it is comfortable! 

When you live on the top floor of an apartment block, nature can feel very far away. So, I also love how an array of simple branches have been brought in to connect the space with the great outdoors. Loft living at it's finest! Enjoy the tour! 

So lovely! The entire home looks so effortlessly decorated, don't you think?

I guess if I have one bug bear, it's the bed in the middle of the room without a headboard. I'd definitely need something to prevent my pillows falling off in the night! How about you? An easy fix though! Otherwise I think I could move right away and not change a single thing, how about you? 

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Happy Monday friends!


Photography courtesy of Alvhem - found via Nordroom with thanks. 


  1. This is exquisite - airy, light, open, cozy creams and coffees. Exactly what I've been looking for, so where do I sign?! Kinda far from work (4,200 miles), but, hey, quality of life is so important. Are the furnishings included? ;)
    So true about the pillows for propping. A must for comfortable night reading.
    Laura K

  2. Headboard of some sort, and a privacy screen. Otherwise its perfect!

    1. Yes, definitely to both! An easy fix which is great!

  3. I love the angles and the light-filled spaces. I noticed that the furnishings are very light and "leggy", allowing visual openness, which I think helps with the airy feeling. Very pretty.

    1. Great observation. A clever trick for small spaces so that it continues to look light and airy.

  4. This is the epitome of light and airy. I am in love with the windows here and would love to sink into the sofa with a book. I really like the contrast of the textured plaster wall hinting at history and age with the modern touches. Such a calm space. I do agree on the need for a headboard for the bed, both for keeping the pillows in place when tossing about through the night as well as another reader noted, propping up to read (for those few paragraphs)!

    1. Thank you so much for pointing all of this out - great observations!

  5. We once stayed in an Airbnb in Oslo that was also in the rafters like this place, but it was much more challenging for those of us at 6ft and taller. This apartment seems like it would be very livable even with sloped ceilings. Love the sofa nook. Very nice.

  6. This is stunningly beautiful. But I agree on the bed with no backrest - I like to read in bed and this would not work for me at all. I probably would not like the bed in the middle of the room either, it would have to be pushed against a wall.


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