Trend: Pink's Big Comeback

Pink has slowly but surely sneaked up on us and created its big comeback this year. Thankfully we are talking about a new range of pink: the shades that we are seeing right now are filled with character. The color is making an inherent romanticism resurface—and oh, boy!—aren't we all for it?

By now, we all know pink mixes well with neutrals, making it all the rage in Minimalist homes. No matter how safe or how bold you want to play it—whether you want to bring just a couple of pink accessories to your home or whether you’re ready to paint walls from top to bottom, pink will be the color of 2017.

From beautifully textured walls to dashing pink velvet chairs, scrumptious bedding, wallpaper and more—if you ever wished to be surrounded by pink, this is your time to shine.

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  1. When there is a color that is trendy, as is pink right now, how do you manage the desire to have it in your home? Knowing that of course you can't change your interior every time a color is trendy (at least once a year, thank Pantone!). I guess it's easier when it's a "neutral" or discreet color as pink, but I'm just curious how you, who is constantly surrounded by new interior ideas/trends/design, manage to still appreciate you home as it is :)

    1. Such a great question, thanks Lise. I've always had a penchant for pale pink / blush so this is a bit of a staple for me anyway - perfect! Having said that there are often new home trend colours (or materials) popping up which I love to incorporate. I have found keeping the main aspects of my home the same and then investing in smaller items such as bedding, cushions, flowers etc is a great way to keep a home looking up to date without going all out! Better still, a lick of paint - like an accent wall is easy to re-paint later on when I grow tired of it. My husband may beg to differ though (he thinks I change entire walls every 5 minutes!)... of course there are others that choose to ignore the trends completely - and that's fine too! How do you stand on this?

    2. Thank you for answering! My home has interesting "bones" such as two fireplaces, chevron wood floor and ceiling molding (a typical old French flat). Currently the decor is mostly second hand finds, family old furniture and travel souvenirs (mostly from China and Morroco). Said like this, it looks like it could be featured in a blog ^^ But to me it seems a bit too diverse, not cohesive enough. So I do my best not to give too much attention to trends. I store on Pinterest what I like, only when I'm afraid I won't remember it, and one day I'll browse these archives :) Like you, I think what could work best for me would be to have simple furniture, and just add small items, or change up the souvenirs I want to showcase in the house. I get bored pretty fast of the small trendy objects, except travel souvenirs. I'm 29, am an architect, but I discover that knowing how you like YOUR own home to be is a loooong process.

  2. I'm usually not a fan of pink, but I love this color palette. I think it's a good mix with white, it still has a clean look but I am not to worry too much about get it dirty like white.

    1. I totally agree - I love this slightly nude / powder / blush pink which has a slightly earthy tone - it's a little more sophisticated and also very calm.

  3. I really love this pink! And at the same time I hate Pink Panther's pink.

  4. These colors need a new name:) pink doesn't do it justice, it's much more sophisticated...

    1. They totally do, you're right! Aren't they beautiful?!

  5. Amazing, I liked all the pictures, everything is looking perfect. Thanks for sharing.

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