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A super stylish get-away in Northern Sweden

I hope you had a great weekend?! I'm often receiving mails from readers asking for suggestions of wonderful places to stay in Sweden. And today I found a new tip - Sågverket - an oh so cool youth hostel / conference centre in Northern Sweden. Described recently in Residence magazine as Norrland's super stylish hang out, Sågverkat is a got-to place for romantic weekends, creative conference or simply somewhere to relax and get-away from it all in a stylish environment. Personally I'd go there just to enjoy the decor and scenery alone how about you?! But we all need to be quick, it's up for sale. Anyone sitting at their desk this Monday morning feeling like a new challenge?!

Fantastic Frank
To get a complete picture of the beautiful property and it's surroundings you can see more pictures over at Fantastic Frank.


Today is my eldest daughter's first day at school. I thought she was so big until I dropped her off at the school gate this morning and she suddenly looked so small. I hope she'll be OK.....

And I hope you have a great start to your week too!


  1. really nice place!! I love the mix of difference styles

  2. It's beautiful! Love it!

  3. Just beautiful!!! Hope your daughter have a beautiful day!!!! my best from Quebec

  4. This is so beautiful - you can almost feel the fresh air! I hope your daughter had a wonderful day.

  5. In love with the greenery indoors and outdoors!
    Hope your daughter has a wonderful time! It'll be the start of a new big adventure! =)

  6. My dream home, one day i hope to live in Sweden or Denmark

  7. Oh my gosh this is stunning, I especially love the lighting!
    Lottie x


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