my scandinavian home: A beautifully renovated parsonage in the Swedish countryside

A beautifully renovated parsonage in the Swedish countryside

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

This parsonage from the 1700's and featured in Lantliv had been uninhabited for fifty years. And then Gustaf Willers took it over and gave it a whole new lease of life. I absolutely love that he has stayed faithful to the style and the location but added a modern touch. I dream daily about buying a beautiful old Swedish house and renovating it. Perhaps one day i'll be posting about that? but for now, here's someone else's beauty!

Pictures: Lantliv via Planete Deco Photography: Anna Kern
If you understand Swedish it's worth taking a read of the article. There are so many lovely touches to the renovation, such as Gustaf's mother colouring in the 800 hand-printed flower baskets on the bedroom wallpaper by hand. Now that's dedication!  Makes me think. What can changes can I make in my home just by taking the time to use good old fashioned handiwork?


  1. This home has so much character. I really like the mix of styles in the furnishings.

  2. I LOVE TO SEE, that scandinavian homes become more colourful, with a modern touch, than those, which have everything in white. A mixture with old furniture and modern, colourful accessories and things, coming from all over the world, that is what I love! I prefer this new style instead of the shabby style. I think, even in WINTER, we need some more colours, to colour our life, when outside it is cold, grey, frozen!
    I think, you are completley right: so colour your life! Hugs, Barbara

  3. What a lovely home! It's cozy, charming and beautifully decorated. I like especially the female painting on the wall of the living room. Definitely we don't need to much for to be happy!

    Have a wonderful week Niki!

  4. Thank you for all your comments, I love hearing your interesting thoughts :) I agree, this home is really lovely and a great mix of colour, styles and small detail. Have a wonderful week too! //Niki

  5. Wow, these pictures look really amazing. Thank you for sharing them with homeowners from across the globe!

  6. love it, pictures are really good :-), thx for it


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